A Crown of Thorns

They placed a crown of thorns
on His head, forcing Him to carry
His cross up Golgotha’s hill.

The perfect Son of God, cocooned
in human flesh; nailed to the cruel
Cross of Calvary.

 “If He’s the Son of God, they mocked,
let Him come down 
and save Himself!

Jesus could have come down that day, yet He chose to stay and
 laid down His life for you and me. Then as his life’s blood ebbed away,
the Lamb of God cried out, “It is finished! Father into Your hands,
I commit my spirit.

Look beyond Calvary’s tree to the veil in the temple, torn from top to bottom,
making it possible for you and me to enter the Holy of Holies… 
The Most Holy Place of the Living God.

He descended into hell. But wait! On the third day, Jesus rose from the grave. Now with the Godhead’s Glory fully returned,

Jesus appeared to the disciples and more than 500 witnesses in His glorified body.

Forty days later, Jesus ascended back to heaven and left the message to go and make disciples.

The Son of God has come down to man,
revealed the love of the Father…
made forgiveness and restoration possible.
One day we shall know Him as He is.
We will gaze upon His face,
In the place He has prepared…
A place in the Father’s eternal house.
A new heaven and earth…
No more tears, pain, sorrow, or death.