Perfect Savior

de38da2b68d878776af8262acfc01422Choose for me
A Perfect lamb
First born
Without blemish
Perfect in holiness
Perfect in obedience

Choose for me
A Perfect sacrifice
Lamb of God slain
Cleanse me from
Dead works
Guilt and Shame

Choose for me
A Perfect savior
Renew and
Restore me
Back to the Father

Reflections from 1 Peter, Isaiah 53

Love Kissed the Sky

Love formed and shaped

the mountain backdrop,

with brushes of pink

and shades of blue.

Blended contrast

of light and dark,

and carved out mountains

and valleys.

Love kissed the sky,

reflecting God’s Light and Glory.

And the beauty of God’s creation

bursts on the mountaintop.

Why should God share such beauty with us? 

I believe all Creation declared the beauty and majesty of

God’s Holy Love the moment He spoke it into being—

Yet it took a Savior to brush strokes of love

upon our fallen souls.

Genesis 1, John 1, John 3: 16,17

Lent Meditations

Search me oh God and know my heart, try me and know my thoughts.
Psalm 139:23


Purging Prayer,
when tears flow freely,
accepts forgiveness
of Abba Father.

 Purging Love,
searches and cleanses
pours hope in our hearts,
our Abba Father.

Purging Peace,
Savior, redeemer
increasing our faith,
our Abba Father.