Take Time to Breathe


Too often I make hasty decisions I later regret. Like this morning. I got up from bed, tired from the events of the weekend, yet anxious to get to my writing. After quickly reading my bible and praying, I felt I was ready.

Several frustrating, failed attempts later, I got up from the computer—Put on my shoes and took a walk. The blog would have to wait. It was the best decision I could have made!

I took time to breathe in the beautiful fragrance of the rose. I took time to breathe in the beauty of the changing sky on the mountaintop.

Later I sat on the porch with my husband and we enjoyed a cup of chai together,feasting our eyes on mourning doves and songbirds at our feeder.

Ah—This is just what I needed! Was it co-incidence when our chimes played
a beautiful melody as we joined hands in prayer? I think not! Once again, I was reminded—All I can bring to Jesus are my needs.

My priorities now in order, I came back to my writing—renewed, encouraged, and energized. I was ready to write.

I love to take time to smell the roses—Yet without the fragrance of the Rose of Sharon in my life, I just don’t function well!

How about you?

Let’s go off by our-selves to a quiet place and rest awhile.  Mark 6:31

Needing Fresh Rain

Dove 2 I sat on my porch, coffee in hand, enjoying the quiet hush of early morning on the mountaintop. The green lush mountains were there as always, but the sharp contrast of scorched grass caught my attention. An unusually dry summer left us praying for rain.

Picking up my Bible, I poured over its words.

To my delight, rain started to fall. Ahh…a gentle soaking rain going clear to the roots of the soil.

God’s Word is like rain that falls on the desert of the heart. The place where the water of the Word is absorbed—like fresh rain from heaven, deep down to the roots—flowing and rushing through dry places of soul and spirit.

When my soul feels parched,
adrift, and dry—
I am longing and waiting,
needing fresh rain.

Others around me
On desert plain,
Panting and thirsty,
Needing fresh rain.

Wilderness stretched out—
No hope in sight.
Lord, we are praying
please send fresh rain.

When your heart feels parched and dry, run to God’s Word and drink deep from the fountain of life.

Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from the heart of anyone who believes in me.’ John 7:37