#3-Pass The Story Down

Pass the story down from generation to generation (Joel 1:3 NLT).

“Grandma, do you know everywhere you walk, you leave your footprints?”

Looking down, I saw a perfect set of footprints on the freshly carpeted floor. My granddaughter was right—
and her words gripped my heart. She was watching my every move, even where I walked.

It made me wonder—what kind of impression am I leaving on the hearts of my grandchildren?  

Someone said,  “A child is born only once, but a grandparent is reborn with each new grandchild”. How True! Grandchildren know how to pour new life into grandparents.

There’s just no greater joy than spending time with them. My husband, Dave and I are always excited about having the grand-kids come for a visit. We may sometimes be tired when they leave to go home, but its the most rewarding tired there is! It doesn’t take long for us to rest up and we’re ready for them to come again!

I think of my Grandma Biggs. She was the happiest when she was with her children and grandchildren, yet the joy of the Lord remained constant in her life no matter whom she was with. My greatest childhood memories were made  in the love and joy I felt when I went to grandma’s house.

I was always greeted with a joyful smile and big hug. Her laughter was contagious—her love unconditional. Grandma was always there for me—to listen—to pray—to encourage.

Even after she died, memories of her life were a constant source of encouragement.
And when life’s challenges left me shaken in faith and in need of wisdom; I asked myself, “What would Grandma want me to do.” I knew the answer.  This loving fortress of a woman always encouraged me to look to the Lord for strength and direction.

I know He hears my heart’s cry. I know He loves and forgives me. I know my life is a work in progress.

And so is yours. He will complete the work He started in me—and in you!

Lord,  Help us leave loving footprints of the Savior on the hearts of others for generations to come. Amen. 


Love Hovers at Grandma’s House

Love Hovers

Rising in the morning
Smell of fresh coffee brewed
Grandpa making mint chocolate chip muffins
Grandkids waking up, streaming into kitchen
Morning smiles and hugs, warming hearts
When grandkids come to Grandma’s house

A new day begins
One, two, three, four, five, six grandchildren
Sitting round the table
Love of God poured out
Filled to brim through hearts of love
When grandkids come to Grandma’s house

Home, faith, family
God’s love hovers over us
As in the beginning
And in our mother’s wombs
Blessings overflow, love rises within
When grandkids come to grandma’s house.

The Hebrew word for moving means to hover with the feeling
of tender love, to cherish,
to brood over young ones (as an eagle).

Does that not sound like a grandmother’s love for her grandkids?

The first two verses of the book of Genesis uses this word
when the Spirit of God, brooded over the shapeless mass of the
earth, cherishing and vivifying. What a picture of the love of God!

Join me and read the first chapter of Genesis and let it capture your heart as you
picture the Spirit of God hovering over His creation. And while you’re at it, you might
want to pause and ask the LORD to hover over you with His love today.

And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.
(Genesis 1:2 NIV).

Gratefully shared,