Grandmas and Grandpas

Have you ever wondered how children see their grandparents? Well I askedthat question one day to Micah and Esther. Here’s the list that rolled off Micah’s tongue. Esther’s smile reinforced every word he said. And I just had to write it down. Have a good laugh at our expense.


1. Grandmas and grandpas are usually wrinkly and wear glasses and have white or grey hair.

2. If grandmas and grandpas sometimes don’tsee very well, they eat carrots to make their eyesight better.

3. Grandparents have to take naps during the daytime and usually fall asleep while we watch movies.

4. Grandparents are usually fond of food and eat lots of healthy food.

5. Grandparents like dessert, so do grand-children.

6. Sometimes we have to talk loudly so grandparents can hear us.

7. Grandpas make wonderful chocolate chip muffins. Grandmas make

pizza and jello. Sometimes we help.

8. Grandmas usually insist we go outside and play for a while.

9.Grandparents are sometimes slow.

10. Grandpa reads me a whole lot of books.

11. Grandmas love to laugh.

12. Grandpas can sometimes forget, but Grandmas always have to correct them and sometimes it sounds funny, but facts are facts.

13. Grandpa knows a lot of good stories he likes to tell us before we go to sleep. He talks a long time but he’s a very good storyteller. Grandpas have to be very smart to remember all those stories.

14. Grandparents always love to give us bedtime kisses. If we wipe them off they think we want more kisses.

15. Grandparents are always fun.

Grandchildren are the crown of grandparents. Proverbs 17:6