Soul Rest

I was waiting on God, then
realized God was waiting
on me. I was determined to trust
Him. I chose to believe to see
His goodness in the dark as I do
in the Light. 

Like Jacob of old I was clinging with soul-effort…
I will not let you go until you bless me.”
Then He called my name!
The One who called forth
the stars in the universe
You, born again child of mine,
I called you from the valley
gave you increasing faith.
I led you to the mountain-top
where I tested you
more than you could know.
I opened the eyes of your heart
and let you see My Light
shining in the darkness
of your soul.
I waited for the bud of patience
to bloom in your heart,
Praise to move upon your lips,
and deep-down soul rest,
where struggles cease
and joy returns.
I sent Rhema Words,
opened your mind to understand,
Times of waiting are in My Father’s Hands.

Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage;
yes wait for the Lord
 (Psalm 27:14).

The testing of your faith works patience
 (James 1:3).