The Book


Ever been hooked on a good book?
You know…the first few words so
grabbed your attention you couldn’t
put it down?
There is one book I resolve to stay
hooked on this year. Though I’ve
read it from cover to cover many times,
I still can’t get enough of it.

And I can’t stay away from it.

It’s timeless truth draws me back again and again.

The Bible. The Book of Books. The love letter designed to capture our hearts and
turn us back to God.

Between the beginning and end of the Book, you will find everything you need to
know about God and His relationship with man down through the ages and in the
ages to come.

Within these Holy pages of the Word of God, you will find the Love that seeks and
saves those whose lives are lost and broken. Truth that sets you free. Peace that
passes all understanding. A hope and a future that is beyond this world.

If you need purpose and direction for your life, you will find the answers here.
When you are depressed or discouraged, reading these words will fill your heart
and mind with hope and encouragement.

When you are distracted and lose focus, renewing your mind with the Word of God
will help you refocus, showing you how to start again.

When memories of past failures and defeat hound you, you will be reminded that
failure is not final with the LORD.  God forgives and forget our sins when we look
to Him in repentance.

The Bible ends with the eye-opening message of Revelation to the church about the
final events of history and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

I’ve read the end of the book and know the best is yet to come. Have you read it yet?

Are you hooked for Eternity?  If not, you can be!

Read the Book!

So will My Word be which goes forth from my mouth; It will not return to me empty,
without accomplishing what I desire and without succeeding in the matter for which
sent it. (Isaiah 55: 11)

Grace, Love, and Peace to you,