Praying It Through


Then Jesus got up and rebuked the wind and the sea.
“Silence!” He commanded. “Be still!” And the wind died down,

and it was perfectly calm. Mark 4:39

Grandma, did you know you leave footprints every where you walk?
I looked down at the freshly vacuumed carpet in my granddaughter’s bedroom. Hanna’s words gripped my heart. She was watching my every move, even the footprints I left behind. What kind of example was I leaving for my grandchildren?

I thought of my Grandma Naomi. A picture of grace and peace, no matter her circumstances, she often talked about praying through the challenges and distresses of life.

The story about how she dealt with the fear of flying when given the opportunity to fly to Israel came to mind. Would she be able to get on that plane and trust the Lord to get her safely there and back? The 24 hour overnight drive from South Alabama to New York City should have given enough opportunity to pray it through. Yet when the caravan of family and friends stopped for breakfast the next morning, Grandma encouraged them.

Ya’ll enjoy your breakfast. I’m going to stay right here and pray this thing through.

An hour later Grandma’s companions returned to the car, and were delighted to see the big smile on her face. Her fears were gone. The glow of peace was evident to all.

She was ready to fly, because she had “prayed it through“.

My grandmother left a rich legacy of strong faith in God, fueled by her passion to pray through life’s challenges. Now it’s my time.

Tell your children about it in the years to come, and let
your children tell their children. Pass the story down
from generation to generation. Joel 1:3

We’re Passing through
the storm,
Be-loved of God.
Jesus is on board our battered ship,
speaking peace
to stormy winds
and troubled hearts.

We’re pressing through
the storm,
Child of God.
Our Captain and Navigator
controls the winds of change
and has a
sure destination in mind.

We’re praying through
the storm—
Bride of Christ.
He sees and knows
when tear drops fall—
And He’s praying us to the
other side of the storm.

                Dear Father, may we walk in the beautiful steps of our Savior. Help us anchor our souls in the promise of peace Jesus left us, leaving a legacy of faith to those who come behind us.

Peace I leave with you; My Peace I give you; not as the world gives
do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled,
nor let it be fearful. John 14:27

There is Peace in Christ

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