The Mender of Broken Hearts


I have journaled for decades.
Poured out my heart on tear
stained paper. Held nothing
back from the One who held
me. Year after year I climbed
into my Father’s lap and gave

Him the broken pieces of my heart.

And He mended it. Again and again.

Now in the winter season of my life, I look back from heaven’s
point of view, 
and gratefully proclaim: He does all things well. 

Like yours, my story is different, yet in many ways the same.
Truth is we
 are all broken in some way. And we can all give our
hearts back to the only
One who can mend it. 

Are the details of our lives important? Maybe. Maybe not. I for
one don’t feel we
need to air our dirty laundry to those around us.
Some things are meant for God’s eyes only. The One who formed
us in our mother’s womb knows all about our lives. (Psalm 139)

I challenge you to take up your pen and write a letter to the only
who can re-write your story. Pour our your heart and ask
Him to pour out His love.

He will. (John 3: 16)

Come to Jesus, our wonderful merciful savior. Our High Priest
who is touched by our feelings, and able to help us in our time of
need. (Hebrews 4:13-16)

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