Wash My Feet?

Jesus took a towel and basin and met with me one day.

Will you let me wash your feet before you go your way?

Before you begin the work, I’ve called you to do;

Before you yield your body, My power and love flow through.

Before you face another day, knowing not what it will bring,

Will you let me wash your feet and cause your heart to sing?

Will you cease from all self-effort, come to me and rest?

Learn my yoke is easy, My will for you is best.

Will you let me wash your feet before you start your day?

Will you listen for my voice, My will and my way?

            Yes Lord, wash not only my feet, but my hands and my heart. 

14 thoughts on “Wash My Feet?

  1. “Let me wash your feet before you begin your day doing the work I’ve called you to,” spoke volumes to me. It is absolute truth because You just confirmed it after God taught me in a “far-off country that God has taken me to for ministry.(.hesitate to mention for their safety).
    When we washed the feet of the people, it was as if God said, ” Now…go and do likewise. ” He prepared their spirit, thru the washing and humbling, to go and be His hands and feet.
    Very powerful piece to me, Glenda!!
    God so wants us to come, spend time and therefore be prepared to minister to
    I know your words are straight from Him. Thank you!!


    • Sandy, This poem came quickly to my heart over 20 years ago. I asked the Lord to give me something to write to go with a painting David and Becky had given to Dave, called “the Servant”. So it came while we were at the shore, out in the middle of the ocean. The words were pouring into my mind, and I asked the Lord to bring back the words when I could write them down. Sure enough He was gracious to do so as soon as we got back to our room. I praise Him for letting me hear this so I could write it down. Glad it connected with your heart. Hugs!


  2. Reblogged this on Glenda Mills and commented:

    A new year awaits us as we leave the old behind. A time to reflect on times past, anticipate, and endeavor to make 2018 count. With that in mind, I am reblogging, hoping to preserve both old and new. This one’s dedicated to my husband, as he continues to show me what its like to be a servant. Thank you Dave!


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