My Soul Takes Wing

 And he said to them, “Come, we shall go to the country alone and rest a little.”

Mark 6:31

I once had the privilege of walking on

a little country road in the Shenandoah

Valley in Luray, VA. The place we lived

for six wonderful years before we moved

to wild and wonderful West Virginia.

The road was flat and easy to walk on,

and the backdrop of the mountains was

a beauty to behold. A fore-taste of heaven.

I’m grateful for those times,  yet I’ve discovered I can take that walk every day, right

here in the privacy of my home. A quiet private place where I sit in my comfortable

chair with an open Bible and a pen.

It’s called walking through the Bible. I start with praise, followed by a prayer

that God will take my heart, renew and restore it as I meditate on the greatest

love letter ever written. All along the way, I can stop and tell the Lord what’s on

my mind. And He responds with a sure word of encouragement, instruction

or counsel. Sometimes reproving a wrong attitude. Sometimes giving wisdom

as to how to handle life’s situations that affect my day.

I love the exchange that takes place when I give God my burdens and He

gives me His peace. It’s like a walk in the country where my soul takes wing.

I walked with God today,

listened to his voice

so sweet,

and laid my burdens

at his feet.

Now trusting him

with every-thing,

my soul takes wing

and soars and sings.

8 thoughts on “My Soul Takes Wing

  1. Thank you for writing again. I have been dwelling under the wing of the Almighty and resting in the covering of His secret place as He shelters me. Jehovah God is so great.


    • Kay, Thanks for your encouragement. I am grateful to be entering a new season in so many ways and the Lord is giving me lots to write about. It’s interesting how he uses the very things that can sometimes break our hearts, turn them around, and give us joy once again. So glad you are resting under His wings. Its the safest place to be…always. Love you dear friend!


  2. Thank you , Glenda..
    What a beautiful picture of how to walk with the Savior…..what a sweet relationship we are privileged to share.
    Reminds me of the old hymn… “Oh, the joy we share when we tarry there; none other has ever known.”
    from In the Garden..
    Ahh…that man would dare to taste and see the riches of His inheritance …
    Thank you, again, dear friend!lvu


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