Morning’s Quiet

It’s the dead of winter here in wild
and wonderful West Virgina, and
while I appreciate the Winter Wonderland
just outside my door,  I must confess my Alabama roots beckon me this morning.

I  love the view from my kitchen table as snowflakes fall, brightening the  backdrop of the mountains. Cardinals, doves, and snow buntings are a welcome delight as my husband and I feast on the beauty God paints for us each morning. Yet I long for warmer temps and flat lands this time of the year.

This morning I came across an old poem reminding me how blessed I am, no matter where I live or whatever season I find myself in.

After the hush of morning’s quiet,
comes fresh showers of heaven’s rain.
Nothing can stop the cool refreshing
my Father sends once again.
All I need for life He gives me
As I humbly come and rest.
Rest in the stillness of the morning;
There I find my Father’s best.

Child of my heart lean hard against me,
All day long and into the night.
For the one who leans on Jesus,
Knows the joy of Heaven’s Light.
Only believe, my Savior tells me.
lean on me and trust and rest;
For the one who learns to trust me
always receives the Father’s best. 

As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, so will my word
be which goes forth from my mouth. It will not return to me empty, 
without accomplishing what I desire. Isaiah 55:10a,11

9 thoughts on “Morning’s Quiet

    • You know I thought about going back and changing the title from best to rest…because that’s where He has me right now. Resting in His promises and Presence. Thanks for your words of encouragement, Cindy.
      And yes, the grandbaby and parents landed safely last night and are home resting up with their children Hanna and Caleb. We plan to see them next week before we leave for Israel. Hugs!


      • So glad they have arrived safely. Yay God! And I am so,so excited for you!!! You get to meet Sara AND go to Israel. How cool is that? Praying for the trip of a lifetime! xoxo


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