Gifts Wrapped in Love

God has placed all kinds of gifts in our lives. Some come wrapped in warmth and love. Others come in rough wrappings, waiting to be loved. The same love God wrapped us with when He sent His son

and forgave our sins.

The gifts I’m thinking of are those who come wrapped, not with paper butthe love of God. Husband, children, grandchildren, sisters, brother, friends, family. All gifts, each one beautifully formed in their mother’s womb and given the breath of life by our loving God and Creator.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for the gifts of life and love you place in our lives
everyday. Open the eyes of our heart to recognize and receive them as you
would. In the name of Jesus our Savior, we pray. Amen. 

14 thoughts on “Gifts Wrapped in Love

  1. Merry Christmas, dear Glenda. Yes….I too have so many UNWRAPPED gifts I’m thankful for. Jesus Himself was the most incredible gift of all.
    Just got D & M’s Christmas greetings yesterday. Am so eager to get on their blog and catch up on their journey. Sara is SO cute. Our girls fell in love with her sweet face right away. Their new cousin, Bryn, from the same country is celebrating her first Christmas with her new family….my brother and crew. πŸ™‚ She’s precious, too.


    • Jewel, you’re one of those gifts wrapped in love we so love and wish we could see you and family. By they way, did we get back to you and thank you for the picture of your beautiful daughters?
      Yes, we’re excited about Sara becoming part of our family. How neat to know your brother and family adopted a little girl from the same country.
      Have a very merry christmas and may the Lord bless you in the new year.
      Hugs from us,


  2. Love this Glenda. What a precious way to remember all the amazing “gifts” God has given–both wrapped and unwrapped. Praying many more would know the “wrapping” of His love this Christmas. Many blessings to you dear one as you celebrate with those precious gifts of yours!


    • Oh I feel the same way about you Verna. Praying we will be able to see more of each other next year. Who knows what blessings await us this new year to come.
      Praying you and Jeff have a blessed Christmas!


  3. Glenda,
    I read your comment on Cindy Powell’s blog site and wanted to connect with you. Your writing is inspirational and speaks the truth about God. I also have an inspirational blog on WordPress of perfect timing stories; a continuation of my recently published book All In Perfect Time. God bless you and your family, Cat


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