Perfect Savior

de38da2b68d878776af8262acfc01422Choose for me
A Perfect lamb
First born
Without blemish
Perfect in holiness
Perfect in obedience

Choose for me
A Perfect sacrifice
Lamb of God slain
Cleanse me from
Dead works
Guilt and Shame

Choose for me
A Perfect savior
Renew and
Restore me
Back to the Father

Reflections from 1 Peter, Isaiah 53

8 thoughts on “Perfect Savior

    • Thanks Susan. I do pray this week will bring the renewal and refreshing of the Lord for you! He is more than able to make all grace abound in our lives! Thanks for the cyber hug…and here’s one for you! (:


  1. Oh, this is beautiful, Glenda. . . . and I haven’t heard this song for a very long time. I can tell you’re studying 1 Peter . . . perfect Lamb, perfect Savior. It’s so wonderful we can study together (even though we’re apart 🙂


    • Thanks so much Verna for your encouragement and yes 1 Peter is full of wonderful truths about our perfect lamb and savior. Just wish I could sit in on the discussions and hear the tapes. But I am grateful for the homework written and published by Precepts. My life saver, my cup of joy!!


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