Be Still

porch sitting PicMonkey CollageTime to relax and let go.
Be still, slow down.
Renew and restore.
Cut loose from cares
of  yesterday.
Embrace the new season.
Life is a gift, 
handle with grace.

Reflections from Psalm 46:1

6 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. Beautiful, as always. Made me want to go find a good old fashioned porch swing to curl up in and “be” for a bit 🙂 And by the way, your poetry has been inspiring (and provoking) me to spend a bit of time and prayer nurturing the poet in me. I’ve written poems (and a lot of song lyrics) throughout most of my life, but not so often in recent years. Reading yours make me really miss that form of expression. Hmm … maybe the Holy Spirit is breathing on something. We’ll see. At any rate, blessings and hugs to you!


    • Cindy,
      Oh good…glad the Lord is nudging the poet and lyric writer within you.I believe you and I have much in comman…kindred spirits? At this point, that seems to be all that’s coming and I am loving it.
      So glad for the connection. Have a blessed weekend and keep on writing for Him and encouraging others…and especially me. I so appreciate it!


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