Embrace the New

Forget past  IMG_0886

The burdens you tend to carry,
were never meant to be.
Let go and
give them all to me.
Forget the past,
and embrace the new.
The path ahead
 planned long ago,
purposed and waiting for you.
Come my child
and take my hand.
I’ll lead you to
the promised land. 

Reflections from Isaiah 43: 17,18 

17 thoughts on “Embrace the New

  1. Did you write this for me, dear friend? I love it, gonna print it out, post it on the fridge, and keep it near my heart . . . and include it in the book! Love it!

    What a gift you have from our dear Father . . .


    • Well, I think its for both of us!! I took the picture a couple of days ago and when I sat down to post it on the web…thinking it would just be the photo and scripture. The words came to me as I thought about my own life and embracing the new season, decade I am now in, but yes I confess you were in my thoughts too! Glad you were blessed..humbled you might include it in your book.


  2. Amen – letting go requires opening the fist and receiving with an empty hand – I find peace in reading your blog, my friend. Thank you for all the prayers you have been obediant to the Father to say on my behalf.


    • Sue,
      We can’t receive unless we first let go, can we? How good our God is! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing. What a privilege we have in praying for each other…I covet your prayers also.


  3. Hi Glenda! I am coming over from Nan’s blog.

    I love the idea of leaving all the burdens with the Lord. I’m just not that good at it! I just posted on that today. It’s so comforting to have God in control. I have to learn not to be such a control freak.

    And I am ready for that new season!!
    So nice to meet you today 🙂


    • Hi Ceil,
      Letting go has never been easy for me either, but I keep learning that as soon as I let go, and open my hands, the Lord gives abundant grace.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing…and oh yes, was blessed to read your blog just now. Keep up the good work and write His answer.May we both embrace the new season He wants to give us.


    • Oh thank you Susan for your words of encouragement. I’m really enjoying working with the photos and the Lord most often gives the prose as I begin to post it. So glad you were encouraged.
      Hugs back to you from Wild and Wonderful West Virginia!


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