Tapestry of Grace

Mountain Morn

Another morn awakens
fresh tapestry of grace.
A little peak of heaven
Draws me by His grace.
A second touch of wonder
His Beauty all around.
Heaven’s snapshot,
gifts of grace abound.
Another day to seek Him
and look into His face;
to stand in awe and worship
the beauty of His Grace.

For by grace you have been saved through faith.
Ephesians 2:8 

8 thoughts on “Tapestry of Grace

  1. Glenda, beautiful! Just, wow! I would send this to a song writer, like Kristian Stanfill and have him put it to music. Very God inspired, my friend…hmmm


    • This was God’s gift to me the other morning. Such beauty from my perspective on the top of this mountain
      and I just had to share. You’re right it was God inspired. hmmm…will have to pray about your suggestion to send to a song writer.


  2. My response wasn’t just right. It’s like you said in the last few verses, “to stand in awe and worship”. Like when you are taking a walk and the wind rustles the leaves in the trees ..you know He is near…and it is a precious moment. Beautiful job, friend!


    • Cindy,
      I woke up to that view over the mountain top…and it was such a sweet expression of His grace to me right now.
      Love the way you put it…deep breath of goodness and grace. How great is our God!


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