Sweet Escape

August 2 -2013 100_2150

When my heart begins to fret
and my tears I can’t forget,
I run to you…in sweet escape,
and dare to look upon your face.

When my heart begins to trust
I recall I’m made from dust,
lean on you in sweet embrace,
find your mercy, love, and grace.

When my heart begins to sing
and my soul brings offer-ing,
Heaven’s song of sweetest praise,
fills my nights and all my days.

When temptation comes; God will provide the way of escape, so that you
will be able to endure it.
Hebrews 10:13

16 thoughts on “Sweet Escape

    • Thank you Cindy. So often the struggles I go through brings a greater awareness of our refuge…and way of escape from the snare of the enemy.
      The new look came as a result of looking at facing a new decade in my life. I just turned 70 and I just wanted something different. More simple, less crowded…much like my life has become.


      • I love how He redeems those painful times in ways that bring such hope and encouragement to others. As for simplifying the blog … probably goes without saying that I’m always in favor of simplifying (now, if I could just practice what I preach a bit more consistently … 🙂 )


      • I agree, God encourages and gives us hope so we can continue to encourage others. Oh and yet me encourage you…I love your blog, ‘The Simple Life’…yet far from simple as the truths you share are most profound and you really do that consistently.
        Have a blessed day!


    • He remains faithful doesn’t He Verna…always there with wide open arms and giving us a way out of situations that are sometimes very difficult. So glad His Grace points the way. Glad you like the simplied format. It’s been brewing on the back burner of my mind for some time now. Embracing the simplifyed life God has called me to. Hugs!


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