Those rooted and grounded in love,
gladly plant seeds in softened hearts—
Knowing the reward of self-discipline
grows and develops over a life-time.
Year after year they sow,
finally reaping harvest of buds and blooms
of the fruit of self-control.

“The fruit of the Spirit is self-control” Galatians 5:23


12 thoughts on “Self-control

  1. “Year after year they sow, FINALLY …” Ha, ha–yes–still sowing and still believing for the harvest (finally) in some areas 🙂 Thanks for this. Blessings and hugs to you, Glenda.


    • Well said, Cindy. So grateful this is the fruit of the Spirit in us…Christ working in us in those areas, as we surrender and believe. He doesn’t give up on us, does He? Thanks for taking time to share.


  2. This is the beautiful confirmation as I’,m praying for God to stir up the fruit within . . . I stopped down at VBS to hear the children singing this morning . . . you guessed it – fruit of the spirit. Love this, Glenda!


    • Nor for me Susan. It takes the super-natural work of the Holy Spirit. I’m so grateful He doesn’t give up on us and when we fail to get it right, we get lots of opportunities to rely on Him to complete the work He’s started.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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