Love Kissed the Sky

Love formed and shaped

the mountain backdrop,

with brushes of pink

and shades of blue.

Blended contrast

of light and dark,

and carved out mountains

and valleys.

Love kissed the sky,

reflecting God’s Light and Glory.

And the beauty of God’s creation

bursts on the mountaintop.

Why should God share such beauty with us? 

I believe all Creation declared the beauty and majesty of

God’s Holy Love the moment He spoke it into being—

Yet it took a Savior to brush strokes of love

upon our fallen souls.

Genesis 1, John 1, John 3: 16,17

14 thoughts on “Love Kissed the Sky

  1. Just read your blog to Brianna as we drove away from a beautiful time on Summersville Lake. Thanks for sharing how you see God’s glory through His amazing creation. Love ya Glenda,  Amy

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    • Oh how sweet of you to stop by with your encouragement. You are a treasure Amy and I love you back!
      Have a blessed week and I pray you and Sean and the girls will come home refreshed.


  2. So beautiful, Glenda. I never cease to be amazed and awed by the beauty of His creation–including those He created with the specific ability to paint beautiful pictures with their words. The actual pictures are phenomenal too! And by the way, thanks so much for your encouragement on my last post. Sometimes we seem to need it more than at other times at that was one of those times. Hugs~


    • Cindy, isn’t He beautiful…as the song goes? I love the way He speaks through creation and in our hearts. We would explode if we tried to hold it all in, wouldn’t we? I’m always grateful when we gives words to share to encourage others and doubly grateful when they are returned. Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed day and walk with the Lord. Hugs back to you dear sister in Christ.


  3. Beautiful, Glenda – we can only hope to capture the astounding views every day, can’t we? While we were away in the Chesapeake area we came across many talented artists with their brush and paints – but no, we can’t duplicate the ultimate Artist who spoke it all in place. Amazing words and pictures to start my day praising Him for His loving provision, thank you for this wonderful post.


    • Thank you Verna,
      We can’t even begin to compare ourselves with the Eternal Artist and Word of God who spoke such beauty into being. And we can only humbly bow at His feet and wonder that He is mindful of us and longs to share not just the beauty of His creation, but His very self. Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gifts.


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