Praise Him!

The little rough brown package came late that day. I eagerly tore into the box and found the little plastic solar gadget my friend had promised to send. Along with the gift was a card explaining it would take the morning sun to make it work. Smiling, I placed the gift on my kitchen windowsill.

When I awoke the next morning, the sun was just starting to rise and the gadget had already begun to respond to its rays.

Praise Him I stood there smiling as I watched the dancing flower and reread the sweet message God had spoken into Nancy’s heart. And now mine!

“As the sun’s rays poured through my window, this little mechanism gradually moved its petals and flower more and more, until it looked like it was worshipping the Lord!

What a picture of what happens to us, when we allow the rays of His precious Holy Spirit to permeate us with His Presence. The more I invite Him to ‘shine’ in me, the more I want to raise my hands and shout: 

Praise Him! Praise Him!”—Nancy Heaney

Nancy is a survivor of breast cancer and a picture of perfect health with the glow of Jesus on her face. She has learned to praise God in all circumstances.

I want to add my praise: When my husband Dave and I received the news we would never be able to have children, we were devastated. Yet within six weeks, the Lord blessed us with a baby girl through adoption. Four and a half years later, our miracle son was born. Years later, God blessed us with seven grandchildren!

Praise Him…Praise Him!

He who offers a sacrifice of thanksgiving honors Me. (Psalm 50:23 NASB)



19 thoughts on “Praise Him!

  1. Wonderfully written Grandma!!! I am so glad that God allowed you to adopt Aunt Becky and that you were able to have Dad. Because without them, none of us grandchildren would exist!!! Three more days…can’t wait!! LOVE YOU!!!


    • Oh Hanna girl…you make me smile…as a matter of fact you and I have a history of having lots of smiles and laughter over the years, don’t we? Yes, you are so right, without Becky, no Joel, Ethan, Esther, or Micah…without David…no Hanna or Caleb or Sara Grace yet to come!! We can’t wait either to see you and Caleb and Dave and Michele. Got the turkey out today, defrosting! It won’t be long now. You will be here before we know it and we want to be like a sponge and soak up all the warmth and love we can for the cold winter days to come.
      Just thinking of you and family warms me up. Hugs to you and Caleb, your mom and dad!!


  2. This is a wonderful encouragement . . . the excellent post and the precious dialogue between you and Hanna! And yes, dear friend . . . you have been by my side when many of those brown packages arrived in my life . . . but PRAISE HIM, PRAISE HIM for the amazing things that come from each one.


    • Verna, you too were there for me through my rough packages of life. What would we have done without His amazing grace and each other’s support and prayers! Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Missing you! Sending hugs as we praise Him again and again.


    • Vonda,
      Hanna is precious…and a budding writer! When she turns 13 (almost 12 now, I want to take her to Philly’s writers conference for teens.
      Thanks for stopping by…I am hopeing and praying about a possible get together here in this area. (:
      That would just be the most awesome thing. God is never know what He’s going to do next.


  3. Running Alpha even though I have long term health issues is a blessing from God. It tires me out and leaves me struggling but I praise God for the blessing of helping others come to know him.
    I praise Him for all I receive day by day even through the pain and sickness.


    • Chris…Thanks for sharing your praise even through pain and sickness. I would add my amen to that as I have some health issues that sometimes leave me worn out and struggling. You are right…being able to bless others to come to know the Lord is the one of my greatest praises.
      Thanks for stopping by. God bless you and pour His all sufficient grace upon you today. I am sure you are familiar with 2 Corinthians 12: 9, 10…one of my life verses. Praise Him!


  4. Dear friend, Just got fiinished reading your blog and I’m sitting here in tears with what your wrote. God truely has blessed you with a gift!. Thanks for the lovely insight and sharing a blessing to always
    “Praise Him”. Love you, Nancy


    • Nancy,
      You were certainly the inspiration for this. I was so eager to share with others. Thank again for the special gift and sweet message from our Lord! Praise Him! Praise Him!
      Have a wonderful thanksgiving. Love and hugs,


  5. Beautiful, Glenda. Yes, I feel like I’m in the middle of one of those “brown wrapper gifts” right now, but I know there’s treasure in there if I’m patient and keep digging! And praising!!
    Hope you have a fabulous week with your sweet family!


    • Susan,
      This is always our hope…there is treasure in all the gifts the Lord gives. Like you, there are times I need to dig a little deeper and keep praising…(: So grateful He gives the necessary grace for whatever season we are in. I pray God will bless you over the holidays and reveal some wonderful new treasure for you to share with the rest of us.
      Glenda…Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for stopping by!


    • Cathy,
      Yes it is amazing how God speaks to us in our everyday lives…I sense He is always speaking, and sometimes we need a little visual like the dancing flower and the message he gave my friend.So glad you were touched. God bless you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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