A Rose Blooms in Heaven

Aug. 1  MistyRose1

They say roses don’t bloom in winter, But I know one who does.
The one who’s gone before you,
Blooms in heaven above.

God says there are no tears in heaven. They’ve all been wiped away. For the One who’s gone before us, has given a brand new day.

They say there is much joy in heaven,

For loved ones who are there;
Wait joyfully for the day all see,
Dear loved ones—oh so fair.

And on that day, we too will sing
With angels from above;
As we worship our Redeemer,
The object of our love.

Reflections from: John 14: 1-3, Rev. 21:1-5

© Glenda Mills 2012

8 thoughts on “A Rose Blooms in Heaven

  1. This poem is So, so beautiful, Glenda–in fact your whole blog is–what a lovely winter scene! I was hoping you’d notice the note I added to yesterday’s Seven Word Sundays, that there’s no reason to worry about doing links, etc etc–I really just want people to join in and enjoy themselves. I was worried that I’d discouraged you–so I apologize, and hope you’ll come back. God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo


    • I like the way you sign your blogs…sis Caddo…and thanks so much for visiting mine yesterday along with your kind words. And oh please no need to apologize about learning to do links. I love to learn…sometimes it just takes a while but I keep at it..and I am grateful to be able to add to your post…at least one day a week!! Thanks again–sis Glenda! (:


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