Till The Clouds Roll By


Oceanside…. Dark clouds hide the sun.
Pounding waves slam against
rocks and boulders.
Rolling breakers hitting shoreline.
Here I am hoping
the sun will break through.
Waiting till the clouds roll by.

So much like my life—This scene
at Oceanside.
Mornings when the sun
refused to shine.
Dark clouds would not go away.
Sometimes by faith alone we are
Waiting till the clouds roll by.

Do I regret darkness that
threatened to overwhelm?
No—Jesus broke through me
with radiant light and life!
He was with me
all the time—
Waiting till the clouds rolled by.

2012 © Glenda Mills

12 thoughts on “Till The Clouds Roll By

    • Becky,
      Some may not understand…yet we know the darkness of our souls compelled us to seek His Light…and what a glorious and radiant savior is ours. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs and love to you my friend.


    • Susan,
      I never tire of sharing about the light of Jesus and yes, how Joy always comes in the morning…even when the nights seems endless and long. The original was written 20 years ago…and Jesus continues to bring light and life to my life and so many others…like yours…Thanks for stopping by and sharing today. I so appreciate it!


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