My Mother’s Heart

Time alone revealed the true heart
of my mother. 

Seasons of her life reflected
the love and care she
gave our family. 
Myriads of memories
ever so
etched on my heart and mind. 
Easter dresses, hand made
for five daughters,
while she sacrificially
 unashamedly went without.
Sunday dinners,
joyfully prepared and served
with beautiful heart and hands;
all for the unabashed
love of family. 
Letters and notes
of encouragement
to a son or daughter
far from home.
Times spent in prayer down
on her knees,

knowing something
wasn’t quite right
and so she prayed. 
Daring to believe for a miracle
when doctors said,
“No chance this baby can live”.
A textbook miracle
 who lived forty-five years.
Caring for Daddy through
 years of illness,
faithfully by his side with hope and prayers.

A heart broken many times by unbelievable losses
grandsons, husband, son, parents, brothers and sisters…
Yet Mother lived with confident hope
she would see them again.
Mother touched many hearts over the years
giving hope, encouragement, prayers.
A testament of love and faith
for all who knew her.

Thank you God for my mother’s legacy of a life well lived.


12 thoughts on “My Mother’s Heart

  1. You brought tears to my eyes as I reflected on my own sweet, faithful mom. How I miss her. This week I am sharing with a friend my mom’s heart-written, handwritten letter of evangelizing that she wrote to her own father. He died 2 years later. During those years, he was saved, he was baptized, and he was an active member in his church. My friend is using my mom’s letter to help as she writes to her sister. Legacy!


    • Jeanette,
      How timely! Thank you so much for taking time to share about about your dear, faithful mom and the legacy of faith she left you and your family. It probably never occured to her that her letter would reach beyond her father and touch the lives of generations to come. She was faithful to write and now God is still using her words to touch the lives of others…even through the flying scrolls of the internet. Wow! Thanks for sharing sweet friend! I look forward to meeting your mom in heaven.


  2. This makes me want to be a better Mom, Glenda. I love my kids so much and I long for them to be able to rise up and call me blessed, not because of who I am or what I’ve done, but because of who I am IN CHRIST and for what HE has done in my life. If they can see only that, I’ll be happy. Wonderful call to arms, my friend.

    Blessings and extra hugs today,


  3. Oh Becky I so agree. We want others to see Jesus in our lives, and especially our children and grandchildren. So here’s to cheering each other on as we run the race of faith in our lives and pray generations will follow. Thanks so much for stopping by with your encouraging friends. You are such a blessing. Hugs and blessings back to you my sweet friend.


  4. Very sweet, Glenda. Thank you for sharing, and I agree with a comment above-it makes me want to be a better mother also, to glorify Christ, and be a witness and testimony to Him.


    • Laura, was it John that wrote, I find no greater joy than to hear my children are walking in love. Whether its our own flesh and blood or dear sisters and family we connect with…Love is the very cornerstone of our Savior’s love flowing through us. Love you sweet friend and sister!


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