Company’s Comin’

Time to get in my kitchin’
Do some good cookin’
Other things can wait dear,
Cause company’s comin’ soon.

I’ve yet to do my cleanin’
Goodness knows I’ve been meanin’

To get it all done dear,
Cause company’s comin’ soon.

Not a lot of time for bloggin’
Too much for my nogin
Please understand dear,
My company’s comin’ soon.

There is a time for everything. Ecclesiastes 3: 1 

9 thoughts on “Company’s Comin’

  1. My hubby’s usually (secretly) happy when company’s coming – because it’s the ONLY time I clean my house……….. But then, I’m one of those creative people. I can’t be bother with cleaning. Oh, wait. You did say that there’s a time for everything, didn’t you? Even cleaning. And bless you, today, I’m cleaning. We have family night and I’m going to surprise the gang with a clean house and a welcome meal! I hope your upcoming visit is as delicious as that strawberry thingy looks.

    Hugs to you both!


    • Oh you feel that way too! Like you, I’d rather be creative than clean. Company has a way of making the motivation a little stronger. Happy cleaning for your family…and have a good weekend!


      • I just had to laugh when I read my reply…I’d rather be creative than clean…in reality, I want to be a creative, clean person, with a clean house!


  2. I’m with Becky–not much for cleaning, but I do cook and clean when company is coming so your lovely, illustrated poem makes perfect sense to me.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Glenda. I popped over here to check you out and I saw that you went to CCC last year. I’m going this year. In just about five weeks. Was it great? I’m starting to get cold feet.


    • Thanks for stopping by Sally! I’m so happy to connect with you and look forward to receiving your upcoming blogs.
      So glad you are going to CCC this year…and at the beautiful Cove! Was it great? One of my most life changing experiences! I won’t preempt what’s going to happen, but I will say you have absolutely no reason to be nervous! You will be among friends who love the Lord and want to help you continue to shine for Jesus. I came away from there knowing I had life long writer/speaker friends who I can connect with at any moment and know they will be there for me with prayer or whatever else I need. You are going to love it!


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