Needing Fresh Rain

Dove 2 I sat on my porch, coffee in hand, enjoying the quiet hush of early morning on the mountaintop. The green lush mountains were there as always, but the sharp contrast of scorched grass caught my attention. An unusually dry summer left us praying for rain.

Picking up my Bible, I poured over its words.

To my delight, rain started to fall. Ahh…a gentle soaking rain going clear to the roots of the soil.

God’s Word is like rain that falls on the desert of the heart. The place where the water of the Word is absorbed—like fresh rain from heaven, deep down to the roots—flowing and rushing through dry places of soul and spirit.

When my soul feels parched,
adrift, and dry—
I am longing and waiting,
needing fresh rain.

Others around me
On desert plain,
Panting and thirsty,
Needing fresh rain.

Wilderness stretched out—
No hope in sight.
Lord, we are praying
please send fresh rain.

When your heart feels parched and dry, run to God’s Word and drink deep from the fountain of life.

Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from the heart of anyone who believes in me.’ John 7:37 


12 thoughts on “Needing Fresh Rain

  1. Sweetie, How refreshing! I can almost feel the cooling rain as I read this. And the rain from heaven through Christ is even better. Thanks!


  2. Glenda – last night at about 11 pm, I went outside and sat in my lawn chair, waiting for the promised rain (per the weatherman). The clouds coughed, spluttered, and momentarily began to trickle… and then fizzled out. I sat there disgruntled, more sweat than wet, and said, “Well, that was rather wimpy, God. Is that it?” I finally got up and went to bed.

    4 hours later I was violently jolted out of my sleep as the heavens opened up. Lightning immediately followed by cacophonous thunder shook the house and a deluge of water came crashing down on the dusty, parched earth. God was laughing at me! I went outside and got soaked to the skin and laughed right along with him. Then I checked my animals (goats, chickens, horse) and went back inside. Dried off and snuggled next to my champion, I fell asleep listening to God’s intermittent chuckles, loving Him for His untameable nature.

    There is NOTHING wimpy about the God of the universe and He reminded me in no uncertain terms last night. I’m just glad He has a sense of humor – some of those lightning bolts were landing right on top of us….



    • Becky, I love the way you write…even your responses to comments are articulate and thought provoking and many times humorous!
      I also love the way the Lord showed up and showed off on your property. How big our God is…the One who created and rules over the universe…also speaks so personally to his children, knowing each personality and bent…even our thoughts before they are formed into words. What an awesome God we love and serve.Blessings to you. Thanks for stopping by and cheering me on.


  3. Glenda, You are really painting an awesome picture here-could feel the rain and the refreshment of the Lord! Thank you!


    • Vonda! Thanks for taking time to stop by and share. I so appreciate your comments. God bless you during this busy travel and speaking engagements. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.


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